Scott Summers fiction - by title

In Kaylee's own words:

Why don't people see how nifty Scott Summers is?

This is the guy who was a loner as a kid. Who fought for the underdog even when the underdog turned around and bit him. Who acted while other people sat on their duffs and watched tragedy unfold. This is the guy for whom emotions are "dangerous things" that must be locked down inside. Who's been hurt very deeply. Who had to struggle to learn about trust and love. And who still managed to come out fighting on the side of the angels.

This is the guy who's found the strength to lead a bunch of strong-willed, rebellious people into situations that might get himself or any of them killed, all for the sake of a Dream that might never come to pass. He risks himself for others constantly, never asking for anything in return. And this is the guy who deals daily with the knowledge that he can kill with a look...and that he'll forever have to see the world through rose-colored glasses to prevent that.

I'll be searching for stories that treat him as a human, rather than a cardboard cutout. This little corner of the web is a haven for Scott. Let's see if we can't change some opinions about the boy, eh? ;-)

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50 Ways To Be A Summers [CYKE; DAYSPRING] (Brucha S. Meyers)
A filk Brucha wrote "back in the day" that still is sure to amuse. So why dontcha "get on the bus, gus?" :-)


A Brother in Need [CYKE] (Maria Cline
[prologue] [1] [2]
Maria wrote this as an unofficial sequel to "Seeing Red" with Kaylee's permission.  Scott, mind reeling from his loss, makes a drastic decision... and it's up to Alex and a young stranger named Burst to save him.

A Comic Reaction [CYKE; LOGAN] (Elizabeth Johnson)
Ever wonder if the X-Men read comics, too? Here, Cyke and Logan react to their unfair portrayal in a certain issue.

A Little Faith [SUMMERLANDS; CYKE, Bobby Drake, Cable] (Diamonde)
After Cyclops's passing, Bobby helps Cable say good-bye.

A Nose for Trouble [CYKE] (Kerri G.
A young mutant tells of her gift; her greatest gift, however, is her lack of bitterness.

A Son's Prayer [CYKE] (Bludgeon
A brief meeting in an alternate world.

Absence [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Jean Grey] (Mary Trauthen)
Jean does her best to cope with Scott's death while she sifts through her memories of their time together.

After the Fall [CYKE] (Alicia McKenzie)
sequel to Jaya Mitai's "On Letting Go". Written for the OTL Equals Challenge.  Scott has to deal with what happened in "On Letting Go"...but he's never been very good at accepting his emotions.

Aftermath [CYKE, Scott Summers, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
Father and son have a lot to talk about after Scott and Nathan arrive back in Westchester following the events of The Search for Cyclops.

Aftermath [CYKE; DAYSPRING; SUMMERLANDS] (Maria Cline)
Inspired by some fan-based theories which kept Cyclops from sacrificing himself to save X-Man, this story shows Scott dealing with the consequences and regaining a son.

Age of Cyclops [CYKE] (Phil Hartman)
A 'what-if' storyline where the world of the X-Men is changed because of a simple twist of fate.

Falling Up
What might have happened if Scott's parachute had opened properly as his parent's plane crashed over Alaska.
Scotty Muyo
Scott copes with Jean's depature and finds another object of his affection(s).
The Ballad of Jesse Summers
Finally together, the Summers add a new child to their family.
Aqua Regia
Franklin Richards follows his dreams and gets Olympic fever.
Primus Scholae [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [epilogue]
Get to know the second generation better as they learn about their powers.
Scholae Secondus
A storyteller tells a tale of times long past.
Anno Venusae [1] [2]
The people of earth turn their attention to their "fairer" cousin.
Capitol Sins
Nathan Christopher Charles Summers aka Cable has a destiny to fulfill.
Secondus Scholae
Rachel and Frank share some second New Mutants history with their son.
Little Fires
Aidan Richards waits impatiently for his powers to manifest on his birthday.
Sparks in the Day
The third generation gathers while Aidan's powers are tested.
The end of the road and peace... at last.

Am I Getting Through? [CYKE] (Maria Cline)
[1] [2] [3] (in progress)
A response to the disability challenge, the X-Men help Cyclops to regain his life after being tortured and altered by an outlaw government operation.

And Teddy Bears Danced [CYKE] (Patch)
The words "hated and feared" take on new meaning when Cyclops witnesses the murder of an innocent.

Angstus Dei [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Phil Hartman)
Set at the end of X-Men 97, Apocalypse's plans go awry and Cyclops becomes... a God?

Anniversary [CYKE, Scott Summers/Jean Grey] (Dandelion)
Cyclops and Jean celebrate their first wedding anniversary. From Jean's perspective, this story is a beautiful look at their complex relationship.

Another Beginning's End [CYKE] (Elizabeth Johnson)
Here, Scott Summer's part in the founding of X-Factor is retold... showing all the conflicting emotions he had to deal with to rejoin his teammates.

Arid Night [CYKE, Shadowlands, Uatu] (Mitai)
Set in the shift-universe of Alicia McKenzie's creation, this Shadowlands story traces the fate of Scott through the eyes of Uatu, the Watcher.

Autumn Leaves [LOGAN, CYKE; Scott/Logan] (Alestar)
Scott and Logan at the end of the world
Autumn Leaves: Winter Stays [LOGAN, CYKE; Scott/Logan] (Alestar)
At the end of the world, some things never change. And some things can't stay the same.


Banter and Bondage in the Summers' Family [CYKE, Stryfe, Scott Summers] (Andrea)
Being captured by Sinister gives Stryfe and Cyclops a chance to do some family bonding ... well, a chance to snark at each other, anyway, which is as close to family bonding as they're ever likely to get.

Beyond the Words [CYKE] (Kaylee
Inaction equals murder.  He's always believed it, and so he will act... even when that should be impossible.

Beyond X: When We Wake [CYKE] (Dex)
After many years of half-life as a tool of Apocalypse, Scott Summers is rescued only to find that all he knows and loves has changed completely.

Bleed [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Alicia McKenzie)
Set just days after the events in X-Men 98, this story asks the question...what might have happened between Phoenix and Cable after she stopped him from finishing off Apocalypse?

Bleed Out [CYKE] (A.j.)
(R) Scott has regrets...

Bonds [CYKE] (Sunset
Written for the OTL Equals Challenge under the name "Firefly."  Here's a look at Scott's state of mind before he left his wife for Jean.

Boy Scouts, Sex, and Other Mysterious Things [CYKE] (L. Burke)
The birds and the bees are a breeze for Scott Summers; it's women he doesn't understand. And does he ever get a painful lesson in female dynamics when the X-Men are sent on a camping trip.

Breakfast [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (WGSarah)
Scott finds a new life after his "death," one without the X-Men in it. The question is when will his past catch up with him?

The Bridge [CYKE] (K-Nice)
[1] [2] [3] [4]
What would the teen-aged Scott Summers's world be like if he wasn't the on the way to becoming the "fearless leader" of the X-Men? What if he were just a boy trying his best to cope with the loss of his mother?

Broken [CYKE, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
(R) Nate v. Poccy... and the title says it all.  (Note: This story is primarily about Nathan Summers, but Scott has a strong and growing supporting role.)
Crusade [CYKE, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] (in progress...)
The sequel to "Broken." As Apocalypse begins to train his new paladin, the X-Men and X-Force continue their search--only to find out that rescue is no longer an option.

Burial [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Jean Grey] (Lise)
(PG) After Scott's death, Jean wrestles with some of the hard truths of death and the Dream...


Cellmates [CYKE, Magneto, Scott Summers] (Falstaff
(PG) Magnus' imprisonment by Zero Tolerance is bad enough...and now he's being given Scott Summers as a cellmate?

Change the World [CYKE] (Thomas Wilde
[1] [2] [3] (still in progress)
An intriguing look at a possible future in which Scott Summers, retired from the X-Men because of an injury, shows that he isn't willing to stop fighting for the Dream.

Charming [CYKE; LOGAN, Logan/Scott] (Rose)
Logan goes to the desert to meet his gods. Will Scott be able to handle what he finds when he goes after him?

Children of a Lesser Gene [CYKE] (Phil Hartman)
A sequel to 'Neogenesis', Scott and Jean are happy, fully mature parents with a passell of curious kids.

Chocolate Milk [CYKE, Jean Grey] (Minisinoo)
Set in the Ultimate universe after issues 3 &4, Jean ponders the events that led to Scott's "defection" to Magneto.

Cinders [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Phil Hartman)
Many months after Scott's passing, Jean returns to Westchester... with a surprise.

Circuit Sight [CYKE, Shadowlands] (Persephone Kore)
Set inside Alicia McKenzie's Shadowlands universe, Cyclops waxes philosophical about life, the shifts, and Apocalypse.

Cold [SUMMERLANDS; CYKE, Jean Grey] (Cosmic)
Jean reflects on how empty her life is with Scott gone.

Control [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Redhawk)
The minds of Scott Summers and En Sabah Nur are one. But who is really in control?

Conversation Between Naps [CYKE] (Maria Cline)
A sequel to Phil Hartman's "Neogenesis", Scott and Jean share a "conversation between naps" about Scott's rebirth and their future together.

Copper Coins [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Jean Grey] (K-Nice)
What would Jean give to have her husband back? A companion piece to 'Iron Will'

Counterpoint [CYKE] (Dex)
This powerful companion piece to Sequoia's excellent "Monile" takes a look at the events in that story from Scott's perspective. 

Crimson [CYKE] (Dex)
Sequel to "Seeing Red" by Kaylee.   Take a look at Scott's thoughts as he leaves the only world he's ever truly known and ventures off into a new life.

Crucibles [CYKE] (L. Burke)
Scott wonders what might happen if he were to test his worth.


Damn Pink [CYKE] (MaggieCat
Scott faces one of mankind's worst horrors... ;-)

The Dark Spot [CYKE] (Domenika Marzione)
After the Dark Phoenix Saga, Scott doubts the Dream.

Day on a Bridge [CYKE] (Magik
Scott encounters a young mutant, and sets "Cyclops" aside in order to show her understanding.

Dear Scott [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Alex Summers] (Twiller)
After returning from the "dead" himself, Alex Summers copes with the loss of his brother.

Deck the Halls [CYKE, Jean Grey, Scott Summers] (Domenika Marzione)
A young Jean Grey and Scott Summers, the holidays, and the introspection and angst that always pops up this time of year. It's the first Christmas after the opening of the Xavier Academy and Jean realizes that she's not the young woman she was at the start of the school year while Scott tries his best to deal with a time of year that he enjoys very little.

Defeating the Darkness [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Galaxia Alpha)
Trapped in Apocalypse's mind, Scott bides his time and reclaims his life.

Distant Voices [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS; XMEN] (Andraste)
(PG-13) After Cyclops's passing, Xavier is stricken with survivor's guilt and several of his friends and compatriots react to his "solution."

Doe, A Deer [CYKE] (Jaya Mitai)
It begins with a late-night collision...and from there, things steadily get worse.   (Tear-jerker warning.)

Dream Believer [CYKE] (Micaela)
What happens when a mansion full of X-Women come to their senses and realize what a hunk their fearless leader is? Well, you'll just have to read it to believe it.


Eulogy [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Jubilee] (Dex)
Jubilee says goodbye to Cyclops in her own way. Follows events referred to in Dex's classic tale, 'Orphans'.

Eurydice Rising [CYKE] (Domenika Marzione)
Jean and Cable weren't the only ones battling Apocalypse in The Search for Cyclops and Domenika offers a fascinating look at the internal war waged between Scott Summers and En Sabah Nur.


Fairy Tale [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Jean Grey] (Domenika Marzione)
Still grieving Scott, Jean realizes that even though the dreamer is gone... it doesn't mean the dream must die.

Farewell, My Brother [CYKE] (Dyce
This is part poetry, part prose, and all powerful emotion.  Scott and Alex, at the End.  'Nuff said.

First Among Equals [CYKE] (Alexandra Nigro)
It's after Onslaught, there's work to be done, and a wife watches as her husband drives himself past exhaustion to finish it.

First, Do No Harm [CYKE, Bobby Drake, Hank McCoy] (Poi Lass)  
Okay, Scott has exactly one tiny little segment in this story, but it's a damned good one.  I figured Scotty-fans would wanna take a look.  Trust me.

Flying Dutchman [CYKE, Corsair, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
When crusing with Cyclops, Corsair and the Starjammers, Cable encounters and strange presence when they investigate a distress call.

For Remembrance [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Warren Worthington, Hank McCoy] (queenB)
Angel and Beast pay their respects to their fallen teammate.

From the Ashes [CYKE] (Dale Ingram
Scott Summers was the first X-Man, and in this story, he's also the last.  But will he be the first again...?

Fruitloops, Nutcases, and Prophets [CYKE] (Diamonde
[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (still in progress)
In this hilarious story, Cyke is, quite simply, losing his mind.  Or is he? ;-)


Ghosts in the Woods [CYKE] (PL Nunn
[1] [2] (still in progress)
Mystery, magic, and mayhem from the multi-talented Pam Nunnally.

Green Eyes [CYKE] (Phil Hartman)
Jean's resurrection from a different perspective... this story delves into the minds of Scott and Jean as they cope with the effect of the Phoenix on their lives.

Green and Gold and Copper and... [CYKE, Jean Grey] (Kaylee
Focuses on Jean, but Scott has a somewhat vital role.

Guy Talk [CYKE] (Phil Hartman)
In an alternate universe, Cyclops gets another chance to raise his son.


Half-Baked [CYKE] (Diamonde)
Scott catches some rays--and the attention of his fellow X-Men--when he decides to take advantage of a sunny afternoon.

Hero [CYKE] (Faile)
We all know the X-Men's efforts aren't always appreciated... but after the X-Men save Salem Center, one little girl takes the time out to tell Cyclops how important he is.

Hero Worship [CYKE, Kitty Pryde] (Fred Garber
Kitty Pryde, watching Scott and Logan interact explosively, remembers why she worshipped the leader of the X-Men when she was younger...and realizes that there's still more than a trace of that respect left.

Heroics [CYKE] (Northlight)
(PG) Sometimes it is the little things that define a hero.


I Guess It's All Right [CYKE] (Minisinoo)
[Notes] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Scott and Jean finally consummate their relationship in the Ultimate universe--now what?

Into the Silence, Screaming [CYKE] (Amanda Sichter)
(R) The unthinkable has happened, and Jean is deeply affected...but so is her husband.

Iron Will [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (K-Nice)
Scott has always been a fighter, but can he withstand this one last battle?


The Light Home [CYKE] (Shadowcat Rules!)
This retelling of the "Search for Cyclops" asks the question, can Scott and Jean's bond survive Apocalypse's possession?

Lightning Over Elk River [CYKE, Scott Summers/Ororo Munroe] (Minisinoo)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Set in Ultimate X-Men continuity, this story finds Cyclops and Storm on a mission to track down a young Indian mutant by the name of Dani Elk River -- with unforseen and very personal consequences. (Sequel: Smile Back)

Living into the Sunset [CYKE; X-MEN, Scott Summers, Remy LeBeau] (Kaylee
Different men live their lives different ways... and when Scott chooses Remy's way, things will never be the same.

Loners [CYKE, Spiderman, Scott Summers] (Wyzeguy)
[1] [2] [3] [4]
Set in the Ultimate universe. This story speculates on what might have happened if Spider-man had been forced to take a personal interest in the Sentinel program, as he finds an unexpected ally and possible friend in the form of Scott Summers.

Love With The Light On [CYKE, Jean Grey/Scott Summers] (Poi Lass
This was written for the Disability Challenge on OTL. Scott has suffered a painful loss, and Jean struggles to reach him and keep their love alive.


The Man I Am Inside [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (TM)
Trapped inside Apocalypse's mind, Scott plans his escape... one day at a time.

The Marker [CYKE, Corsair] (L. Burke)
Corsair confronts Xavier after Scott's "death" during the Saga of the Twelve.

Masochism [CYKE] (Indigo
[R] Having lost Jean to Logan, Scott takes some time to recuperate while chaperoning a Generation X party...where he finds a new, ah, interest. ;-)  (Written for Northlight's Strange Pairings challenge.)

Mockingbird [CYKE] (Alicia McKenzie)
In the distant future, Scott and Jean lived as Slym and Redd, and there they were able to raise Scott's son, Nathan Summers.  This beautiful story is a glimpse at a moment of that life.

Monile [CYKE] (Sequoia Swennes
Witness the breakup of a couple you'd never have expected to see.

My Little Run Away [CYKE, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Betsy Braddock] (Shadowcat Rules!)
This story shows exactly what happened years ago between Scott, Betsy and Jean.


Neogenesis [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Phil Hartman)
One of the lighter post X-Men #98 fics, this story takes an... interesting (and humorous) look at how Scott might find life again and eventually rejoin the X-Men. A follow up to 'Cinders.'

New Beginnings and Second Chances [CYKE] (L Burke)
It's Scott Summers first night under Charles Xavier's roof and the X-Men have yet to become a happy family.

Newcomers [CYKE; MISCELLANEOUS, Subreality] (Dandelion)
A group of Jean and Scotts welcome a new couple to the café. :-)

Night Owls, Paternal Instincts, And Questions Better Left Unasked [CYKE, Scott Summers, Domino] (Alicia McKenzie)
Against his better judgement, Cyclops finds himself having an in depth conversation with Domino... regarding his son, Cable.

Nightmares: Cyclops [CYKE, X-MEN] (K-Nice)
We all know that the X-Men share a common dream. But what are their nightmares? In this beautifully eerie series, each of the X-Men's private fears are realized. (Entire series is available on K-Nice's index page.)

Now Everything Has Changed [X-MEN; CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Remy LeBeau] (Shai PeriHawk)
After Scott's death, Remy says goodbye as he reflects on his new-found responsibility and the size of the shoes he must try to fill.


Oh What-the-baum?! [CYKE] (Kerri G.)
Cyclops and Phoenix celebrate a very *ahem*... special Christmas tree.

On Letting Go [CYKE] (Jaya Mitai
A father learns quite a bit from and about his son.

On the Edge [CYKE] (Minisinoo)
Post-Apocalypse--and Grant Morrison's awful "I love you wife" line--Scott muses on the woman who still loves him.

One Battle at a Time [CYKE] (Northlight
Scott's current problems can't just be fought away.

The One-Eyed King [CYKE] (Amanda Sichter)
In this lovely and touching story, the bond between Scott and Jean is explored.

One Minute [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Dyce)
Scott always wanted some time to himself... but realized some things are much more important and worth the sacrifice.

Orphans [CYKE, Scott Summers, Jubilee] (Dex
Scott and Jubilee have a heart to heart, and the leader of the X-Men helps her to see the things they have in common.  This was probably one of the first and more well-known "fair" looks at Cyke in the fanfic world.

Osiris at Akkaba [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Elizabeth Johnson)
Cyclops finds himself sharing a mind with his worst enemy, Apocalypse, and realizes that hope and heart might be his greatest weapon.

The Other Woman [CYKE, Scott Summers/Emma Frost] (Amanda Sichter)
Scott commits adultery with Emma Frost, and Jean makes a hard decision.


Paint It Black [DAYSPRING; CYKE] (Aj)
(R/NC-17) Sometimes the only resolution isn't a happy one...

Pale Reign Over Geshem [CYKE] (Abyss)
In an alternate reality, all the Scotts (yes, plural ;-) there can be come together to save a kingdom.

Pegasus Flight [CYKE] (Andrea)

Pegasus Flight
(PG) While being held captive by the Friends of Humanity, Scott meets a very unusual girl...
Just Another Day At The Zoo
(PG) Peggy gets introduced to more of the family...
[Prologue] [1] [2] [3] [Epilogue]
(PG) The X-Men prepare for Scott and Jean's wedding, but an old enemy has other plans...
That's What Big Brothers Are For (with Persephone)
(PG) It's time for Peggy to meet her OTHER brother...
Say Goodbye To Pork Rinds
(PG) Peggy's love life takes a surprising turn.
Daddy's Little Girl
(PG) Fathers don't handle it very well when their little girls grow up and fall in love. Scott's no exception.
The Prank War
(G) Someone among the X-Men starts... you guessed it... a prank war.
Timing Is Everything
(PG) Sometimes the most important questions are the hardest ones to ask.
Wedding Bells (Or Were Those Alarms?) (with Persephone)
(PG) X-weddings are never simple things; it's an immutable law of the universe.

Please Remember [CYKE] (Kaly)
After a mission goes wrong, Scott is left saying good-bye to Jean... from an unexpected perspective.

Premonitions [CYKE] (A.J.)
(PG) Sometime before the battle at Akkaba, sensing that his life is about to take an unexpected turn, Scott tries to make his peace with Madelyne.

Priam's Lament [CYKE, Corsair] (Domenika Marzione)
Corsair thinks back on his relationships with Scott and Alex in this poignant father-and-son piece, set at the end of Uncanny X-men 391.

The Price of a Soul [CYKE] (Kitty
A heart-breaking look at a man struggling to hold on to his will in the midst of torture. (Some disturbing imagery.)

Purity [CYKE] (Dyce)
A lovely and poetic look inside the mind and heart of Cyclops.


Reaper's Oblivion: Logan's Fate [CYKE; LOGAN, Logan/Scott] (Shera Crawler
(R) Logan faces an illness he can't fight, and Scott is there to support him.

Recipe for a Bad Day [CYKE] (Indigo
Scott's getting ready to go to the DMV with three X-Women...who all happen to have PMS!

Reflection [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Jean Grey] (Rhona)
After X-Men #98, Jean returns to their residence in Alaska and finds more memories than she bargained for.

Reflections [CYKE] (L. Burke)
Scott and Jean take a moment to reflect upon the their relationship.

Reflections of the Heart and Soul [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Dorell)
[1] [2]
Phoenix reflects on Scott's death, the nature of love and his possible return?

Remember [CYKE] (JB McDonald
Written for the Blow Kaylee Away challenge.  A poignant look at a parent's last thoughts towards a child.

Rewritten [CYKE] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
Scott and Jean are accustomed to time travel, but it's never been quite like this before. Just when you thought that the Summers family tree couldn't get any more bizarre, something comes along to complicate matters even further. Or possibly simplify them.

Rose Colored Glasses [CYKE] (Amy
A while back during a battle with Ozymandias, Scott struck his head and caused a slight change in a part of his brain that had been damaged long ago...

Rose Coloured Glasses [CYKE] (Indigo)  
Is following Professor Xavier's Dream the same as seeing the world through rose coloured glasses?   The Dream's most devoted follower doesn't think so.

Ruby-Quartz Lenses [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Ororo Munroe] (Roohaha)
After Scott's loss, Ororo tries to come to terms with her new-found responsibilities.


Saying Goodbye [CYKE, Alex Summers] (Diamonde)
Havok returns to his earth, only to find that Scott needs him... or at least a part of him.

See No Evil [1] [2] [3] [CYKE; LOGAN; X-MEN, AU] (Lise)
A detective 'alternate reality' story set in the background of a mutant rights bill, conspiracy and murder.

Seeing Red [CYKE; LOGAN] (Kaylee)
(R) Jean's reaction to losing her telepathy affects one X-Man profoundly.
Shades of Red [CYKE; LOGAN] (Kaylee
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (in progress...)
Sequel to "Seeing Red."  Explores the repercussions of the events in that story. 

Shekinah [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
After Scott's death, Cable must learn to move on and finds an unexpected angel in the desert.

Showering Blind [CYKE, Jean Grey] (Minisinoo)
Ultimate Jean indulges in some not-so-innocent voyeurism while inside Scott's bedroom in this excellent vignette.

Single Vision [CYKE] (K-Nice)
Late one night, Scott takes some time to evaluate... and even re-evaluate his commitment to the X-Men.

Sinister Help [CYKE, Mr. Sinister, Scott Summers] (Maria Cline)
Sinister gives Cyclops his life back. But at what price?
Sinister Reactions [CYKE] (Maria Cline)
The sequel to Sinister Help, Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men deal with his changes at the hands of Sinister.

Smile Back [CYKE] (Minisinoo)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
In the sequel to "Lightning Over Elk River", the personal lives of the Ultimate X-Men team become even more complicated, before the arrival of the Weapon X program throws their romantic entanglements into the background.

Snickers [CYKE] (Em-Spider
Scott's secret stash has been invaded!  The fearless leader now must confront the culprit.

Something to Remember Me By [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS, Marrow] (Meridian)
A forgotten member of the team shows at the mansion to pay her respects after Scott's passing... in her own way.

Speaker For The Dead [CYKE] (Dannell Lites)
After Cyclops loses his life fighting for the Dream, A Speaker For The Dead (yes, as in Orson Scott Card's Ender's Series) comes to help the X-Men mourn.

Split Second Decision [CYKE] (Lori McDonald
The burden of leadership is making choices...sometimes the wrong ones.

The Spirit and the Setting Free [CYKE; LOGAN] (Amanda Sichter)
Towards the end, Scott and Logan share a moment. (Tear-jerker warning.)

Stars [CYKE] (Hutch)
Still an orphan, Scott looks out for Alex and ponders the fate of their parents.

Starlight and Moondust [CYKE] (Jaya Mitai)
In this retelling of the "Search for Cyclops," another apple off the Summers' family tree gets involved in the mix and the separation of Scott and Nur comes at a greater price.

Still Here [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Maria Cline)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
This story looks at what Scott's fate might be like if his psyche was displaced from his body after Apocalypse's "possession."

The Suggestion Box [CYKE] (L Burke)
Cyclops undertakes a thankless job and finds a suprise from a special someone.

The Sum of Zero [CYKE, Scott Summers, Emma Frost] (Dex)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] (complete)
Across New York, low-powered mutants are dying at the hands of a mysterious serial killer. What's the connection? The letter X and a list of names. It's up to Scott Summers, Emma Frost and Jonathon Caulder to stop him before "X marks the spot."

Summer Rain [CYKE, Corsair, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
The first meeting of Corsair and Cable, the way it should have been.

The Sun Hasn't Risen [CYKE; LOGAN] (Mitai)
After an attack on the Xavier Institute, Cyclops and Logan say good-bye to a special friend.

The Sweetest and the Best [CYKE] (Em-Spider
A short and poignant look at Katherine Anne Summers' thoughts about her infant boy.


Tables, Tactics and Redheads [CYKE] (L. Burke)
Jean gets a fulfilling lesson on the joys of strategy and tactics from her redhead-loving husband.

Take a Mutant to Lunch [CYKE; X-MEN] (Layla Voll
Scott and a handful of "lucky" X-Men are participating in a school program to teach children about mutants.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame [CYKE] (Alicia McKenzie)
A traditional father-son outing goes awry, and the result is an insightful look at the relationship between Scott and Nathan Summers.

That Hazy Grey [CYKE] (Ana Lyssie Cotton
(PG) Scott and Jean have a few problems.

The Ticket [CYKE] (Domenika Marzione)
Thematically a continuation of Fairy Tale, but it's really a companion piece to Deck the Halls. Jean and Scott, through the years.

Thicker than Water [CYKE, Scott Summers, Remy LeBeau] (Carol
[1] [2] [3] [4]
While home for his brother's funeral, Scott Summers comes across a photo that sends him looking for clues to uncover what appears to be a very devious plot against his family. What he finds is the last thing in the world he expects.

Thirteen [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Indigo)
After the planet's mutants are "devolved" Apocalypse must deal with his humanity and a nagging voice deep within his mind.

The Death of Xavier Trilogy [CYKE, Professor Xavier, Scott Summers] (Kaylee)

A man pays a visit to an old friend's grave.
'Til Christmas  
A prequel to "Tombstone," and meant to be read after that story.  Charles Xavier, at the end.
To Guard a Gate  
A direct sequel to "Tombstone."  Charles has always had a huge impact on Magnus' life.  How then does his death affect his old friend/enemy?

Triptych [X-MEN; CYKE, Warren Worthington/Scott Summers/Jean Grey] (Kerithwyn Jade)
They say the triangle is the most stable shape and this story really makes you wonder if they were right. Here, Jean, Scott and Warren explore their feelings for one another.

Trying To Be 5000 Years Younger [CYKE] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) After being separated from Apocalypse, Scott finds understanding in an unexpected place...
Little Victories [CYKE] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG) Scott finally does the sensible thing and talks to Jean.

Twinkies, Holdups and Other Things that Aren't Good For You [CYKE] (L. Burke)
A Twinkie-choked rat, a pet store holdup, a spaced-out Satan worshipper, and a super-glued suitor - just another day in the life of Scott Summers.


Unto Us, A Child... [CYKE] (TM)
In Nate's future, Redd and Slym share the meaning of Christmas.


Vermillion [CYKE, Jean Grey] (Trisha L. Sebastian)
A companion to Kaylee's Seeing Red Arc, this story tells the events of that story from Jean's perspective.

Via Sanguinis [CYKE; SUMMERLANDS] (Phil Hartman)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]
After Sinister meddles in the events at Akkaba, each of the Marauders is left to complete their part of his grand design.

Vigil [CYKE, Alex Summers] (Diamonde)
Set early in the Mutant X title, Havok deals with his new-found responsibilities and understands his brother's struggles as a father and husband.


Waiting for Jeannie [LOGAN; CYKE, Jean] (Dannell Lites)
[1] [2] [3]
Part one illustrates the deep feelings Logan has for Jean... while part two is Scott's equally beautiful answer to the longing in Jean's heart and three continues with Jean's confrontation of Logan.

Walkabout [CYKE] (Matt Nute
[1] [2] (still in progress)
Set during the X-Men's Australia days.   Scott finds Maddie and Alex together, and ::wince:: isn't too happy.

Wannabe [X-MEN; CYKE, Professor Xavier] (Kielle
Okay, so Scott's not the focus of this story... Doesn't matter!  I just wanted an excuse to snag it. ;-)  Scott and Xavier are having a little chat about a possible new X-Man.

The Warriors' Code [CYKE; LOGAN, Scott Summers, Logan] (L. Burke)
Scott confronts Logan about his relationship with Jean.

When a Man Loves a Woman [CYKE] (Sequoia Swennes
With Jean gone, Scott reflects on what made him love her and what that emotion meant to him.

When All We Wanted Was a Dream [CYKE] (Yasmin M.
A poignant 'What if?' tale following Scott and Ororo Summers' lives.

When It Was Over [CYKE] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Sometimes the silence is the worst...

The Whole Story [X-MEN; CYKE] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(PG-13) Something strange is happening to the X-women...

The World Is Hollow [LOGAN; CYKE; X-MEN, Scott, Logan, Remy] (V. Hayrabedian)
After tragedy strikes and a member of the team dies, Scott comes to terms with his role as team leader and friend.



You Play, You Pay [LOGAN; CYKE, Scott, OFC] (Kerri G.)
Part of the Careless Moment series. Charlotte and the others think Scott needs to learn a little lesson.

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