Logan fiction - by title

In Kaylee's own words:

He's a man of conflict, inner and outer. He's immensely strong-willed and yet can't control himself. He's caring and compassionate and rude and cruel. He's loyal to a large degree, yet takes off without notice and leaves the people who count on him without his support.

He's an alcoholic who can't get drunk.

Logan's been a spy, a soldier, an animal, a man, a martial artist, and far more. He's a lover and a fighter. He's risked his heart more than once just to have it torn out, yet still keeps chugging on. And these are just a handful of the things I find so interesting about him.

So here you'll find the Logan fan-fiction that appeals to me. He may be the main character, or he may be in a supporting role that blows me away. Stories might range from showing him in a favorable light to showing him as an alcoholic redneck SOB. There're more than enough aspects of the man to support a wide range of fan-fiction, and I'll be looking for the more original and creative stories featuring him.

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A Comic Reaction [LOGAN; CYKE] (Elizabeth Johnson)
Ever wonder if the X-Men read comics, too? Here, Cyke and Logan react to their unfair portrayal in a certain issue.

A Fire of Unknown Origin [LOGAN, Warren Worthington/Logan] (Alestar)
After the events in Wolverine 147, Logan is left lost and unsure of his identity. The only other X-Man to feel the grip of Apocalypse, Angel aka Warren Worthington, is there to see him through the pain of being Death. M/M themes

A Good Day in the Life of 'Tooth  [LOGAN, Sabretooth] (Marko Lindman
(R) A day in the life of Victor Creed, and one that he particularly enjoys.

A Lesson in Business. [LOGAN, Kurt Wagner/Logan] (Alestar)
Kurt decides to change, and Logan has some problems with it.

A Life-Span  [LOGAN] (Jen)
Follow an interesting woman throughout the years as her life intertwines with Logan's.

A Man, a Woman, and a Tooth [LOGAN, Logan, Cecilia Reyes] (Dyce)
Cecilia plays dentist while Logan tries his best to retain his dignity.

A Walk [LOGAN] (Kaylee)
A brief look at a future where Xavier's Dream...died.

Ain't Nothin' Like Regret [LOGAN, Rogue, Logan] (Latex)
A figure from Logan's past returns to wreak havoc on Department H and Alpha Flight, and Rogue helps Logan deal with the consequences.

All In Your Head [LOGAN, Betsy Braddock] (sevenall)
[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [epilogue]
Logan has a brief but powerful role in this story, which follows Betsy Braddock through the twists and turns her life takes when she battles with illness.

All My Hopes [LOGAN; X-MEN] (Kaylee)
A companion piece to "Lupus" and "Lacrimae Lupae".  A mother's last thoughts towards the child she leaves behind to an uncertain future.

Ashes [LOGAN] (Nepthys)
What does it *really* mean to be immortal, when everyone around you is fated to age and die? Sometimes, it's just too hard to go on alone.

Aspect [LOGAN, Shadowlands, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
Reality has been shattered, and two old soldiers find comfort in each other amid the ruins. This is the first Shadowlands story written, and it's as compelling as the rest. Nate and Logan find something in a world gone mad.

Autumn Leaves [LOGAN, CYKE; Logan/Scott] (Alestar)
Scott and Logan at the end of the world
Autumn Leaves: Winter Stays [LOGAN, CYKE; Logan/Scott] (Alestar)
At the end of the world, some things never change. And some things can't stay the same.


Bars In My Soul  [LOGAN, Sabretooth] (Dyce)
Here's a strong poem with insight into the inner mind of Vic Creed.

Black Ops  [1] [2] [3]  [LOGAN] (Abyss)
A look at the good ol' days with the familiar team of Logan, Creed, and North.

Blood Remembers [LOGAN, Logan, Jubilee] (Grym)
After Mariko's death, a grief-stricken Logan prepares himself to cope in a very traditional way. Can Jubilee stay his self-destructive hand?

Boundary  [LOGAN] (queenB)
Logan poem.  He's a man of conflict...and this poem illustrates that strongly.

Breezes [LOGAN] (Lori McDonald
Logan searches for Chi, for balance, amid tumultuous times.

Broken [LOGAN, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie) (complete)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
(R) Nate v. Poccy... and the title says it all.  [LOGAN] Note: This story is primarily about Nathan Summers, but Logan has a strong and growing supporting role.)

The Burning Heart  [LOGAN, Scott Summers, Logan, Elseworlds] (Amanda Sichter)
In an alternate world, Captain Chet Logan is a firefighter, Scott Summers is a rookie, and both men give their all in an effort to save an injured woman.


The Careless Moment Series [LOGAN] (Kerri G.)

Pieces of Your Soul [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
A strange amulet that Logan wears brings about questions, memories, and change.
Careless Moment, Lifetime Regrets [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]
A 'what if' asking 'what if Charlotte had not returned from Austria alone?'
Secrets of the Past [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
(R) Set in Kerri's Careless Moments arc, there are still more things Logan doesn't know, and Charlotte doesn't want to tell him.
Possibilities Still Unborn [1] (in progress...)
[R] What could bring them together and still keep them apart? The third story in the 'Careless Moment' arc.
The Vengeful Soul [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] (in progress...)
When Charlotte finds out that Rogue abandoned Remy in Antarctica, she's none too happy. [Also on the X-Men archive.]
Reacquainted Souls [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] 
Logan and Charlotte get to know each other again after all these years have passed.
Maybe There's a Bright Side [LOGAN, Jubilee]
Jubilee has to cope with the woman in Logan's life.
Soul Searching
Charlotte has agreed to be Hank's dinner date... and Logan isn't very happy with that.
All or Nothing
Scott gets to hear some of the details of Charlotte's experience that led her to meet Logan while she and Scott deal with a difficult situation and work at finding a common ground.
Gen-X Sitting [1] [2] [3]
Charlotte is babysitting Generation X.  The poor dear. ;-) 
A Chance Meeting?
Charlotte spends a little time talking philosophy and ethics with a rather well-known fellow.
A Soul Divided [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [epilogue]
An exercise in the Danger Room went awry, and Charlotte has woken to find herself in an entirely different life.
Charlotte and Logan from another mutant's perspective.
As Charlotte slips into nightmares, Logan thinks over what she means to him.
Hunter in the Shadows
Creed becomes aware of the woman in Logan's life. Visit here for the conclusion of this story.
The Night Before the Last Night [1] [2]
The ladies take an adventuresome night on the town before Charlotte and Logan tie the knot.
The Last Night [1] [2]
Preparations for Charlotte and Logan's wedding commence!
A Man
Charlotte muses on just what Logan means to her.
(R, Disturbing imagery) Returning from a convention, Charlotte and Hank share a hotel room... and more.
An Unexpected Passion
A slight case of mistaken identity.
You Play, You Pay
Charlotte and the others think Scott needs to learn a little lesson. [Also on the Cyke archive.]
Never Send a Man
A trip to the grocery store brings about some interesting results. ;-)
The Longest Night 
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] (in progress...)
The phone call tells of a horrible accident, and Logan, passed out drunk, is no help to Charlotte during this crisis.
Future Possibilities
Charlotte isn't feeling too well during an exercise in the Danger Room... and an examination with Hank tells why.
The pregnant X-women are a demanding bunch.
Brief Interlude
A moment of peace in busy, hectic lives...
Future Hopes  [1] [2]
Years ahead,  Professor Xavier is quite interested in some of the aspects that make Charlotte a unique mother. Charlotte isn't very eager to comply with his request.
The Gift/Curse of Time 
Immortality bears its own burden.

Carrying a Torch  [LOGAN] (Indigo)
He's lived a long time and loved a lot of women...how does it feel to never stop loving?

The Chances Series [LOGAN, Logan/Storm] (Coda Voodoo)

Late Chances 
Logan offers his support to Ororo as the burden of leadership grows heavy...and finds a chance for something new and strong between them.
Lost Chances
Remy has returned to the X-Men.  Will Ororo and Logan's relationship survive?
Last Chances
Sequel to Lost Chances.
A Chance Offering
Sequel to Last Chances.
A Chance of Rain [1] [2]
Sequel to A Chance Offering.

Charming [CYKE; LOGAN, Logan/Scott] (Rose)
Logan goes to the desert to meet his gods. Will Scott be able to handle what he finds when he goes after him?

Chesty Man [LOGAN] (Dyce)
Every notice how Wolverine has a habit of losing his shirt? :-)

Comfort [LOGAN, Jean Grey/Logan] (Amanda Sichter)
Jean always knew that she and Logan would end up together some day -- she just didn't think that it would be comfort sex. Rated NC-17 for m/f sex.

Control [LOGAN] (Syvan Coyne
Logan pushes his teammates during a Danger Room session.

Crusade [LOGAN, Cable] (Alicia McKenzie)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [LOGAN] still in progress)
The sequel to "Broken." As Apocalypse begins to train his new paladin, the X-Men and X-Force continue their search--only to find out that rescue is no longer an option.


Der Preuss [LOGAN, Logan/Victor Creed] (Alestar)
Earlier in his life, Victor Creed receives a visitor.

Dividing Loyalty [LOGAN] (Mercutio)
When a woman comes between Logan and his friends, who loses?

Doe, A Deer [LOGAN] (Jaya Mitai)
It begins with a late-night collision...and from there, things steadily get worse.   (Tear-jerker warning.)

Doobie Doobie Doo [LOGAN] (Shera Crawler)
Logan's faced some terrifying enemies, but nothing like this before. ;-)

Dumb Feast [LOGAN] (Cherry Ice)
Logan eats dinner, and all is not as it seems.

Duty Calls [LOGAN] (Ascian)

In an alternate universe, Logan is still the best at what he does, but there's someone at his side who is just as deadly.
Death By Numbers
Jubilee and Logan receive a distress call that is not all it appears to be.


Failure [LOGAN] (Victor Moore)
(R) A what-if story where Logan must rescue one of his dearest teammates from herself. Whatever the cost.


Gehenna [LOGAN, Logan, Kitty Pryde] (Luba Kmetyk
[notes] [prologue] [1] [2] [3] [epilogue]
In Gehenna, a distraught Kitty calls Logan for advice, and he shares a bit of the knowledge -- emotional and otherwise -- he's garnered over the years.

The Golden Years [LOGAN] (Fancycatz)
As mutant-kind grew older, the X-Men learned a hard lesson. View their new world through the eyes of Logan.

The Good Samurai  [LOGAN, Kai & Logan] (Kaylee)
(R, violence) This story takes place within the Kai & Logan series. Logan is in Japan paying his respects to Mariko... but this time he has something extra planned for the trip.  Guest-starring Yukio, Amiko, and Matsuo.


House of Baal [LOGAN] (Albertina)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
A what-if story that features Logan primarily and a young mutant that is forced to work as an exotic dancer. It is primarily a character-driven story.


Idylls of the Cat (series) [LOGAN] (Luba Kmetyk
Logan is a supporting character in Idylls, but I just really like the way he's portrayed.   The series follows the lives of Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom.  [LOGAN] Linked to Fonts of Wisdom.)

In Health [LOGAN] (John Duffin)
What might have happened if Forge had asked Logan's advice after proposing to Storm, instead of Jean's?


Just Lucky I Guess  [LOGAN, Domino, Cable, Logan, and others] (DuAnn Cowart
Join Domino, Cable, Logan, Betsy Braddock, Pete Wisdom, Kitty Pryde, and Ororo Munroe in an ongoing saga of adventure and complex character interaction. 


Kai & Logan Series [LOGAN, Logan/OC] (Kaylee)
He's the best there is at what he does.  She's here to keep him humble. ;-)   (Linked to Tag Team on Fonts of Wisdom.)


Last Call [LOGAN; X-MEN] (queenB)
Two months after the events in "Undercloak," Logan deals with the aftermath and shares an interesting moment with Gomurr the Ancient.

Last Man Standing [LOGAN] (Misty)
In the distant future, genetic warfare ruined planet earth and all its inhabitants. But one man was left standing. Three guesses as to who that was. :-)

Later, Loser  [LOGAN, Reiko] (CynJen)
Here's a look at the life and death of Reiko, the young poisoner responsible for Mariko's death.

Loner Ruminates [LOGAN; X-MEN] (Indigo)
Set within Dandelion's Alchemy Arc, Logan reflects on the changes in the X-Men since Scott's death... and Jean's growing relationship with Remy.

Lupus [LOGAN, Logan, Rahne Sinclair] (Kaylee)
On the day of Moira's funeral, Rahne comes to Logan with a surprising request.
Lacrimae Lupae  [LOGAN] (Kaylee)
[prologue] (in progress...)
The sequel to Lupus.  Back at the mansion, Rahne begins her training.


Mind Over Matter [LOGAN] (Liz Roth
Following the events in Wolverine #100, Logan's mutation is running out of control and he's becoming more animalistic than ever... until a mysterious young woman arrives to help him.

Mountainside [LOGAN] (Dyce)
A young Logan meets a very important someone for the very first time.


Nameless Interlude [LOGAN, Betsy Braddock, Logan] (Victor Moore)
Just after Uncanny X-Men #258, Psylocke is still coming to grips with who she has become and Logan is there to help her light the way.

Never Tell Me The Odds  [LOGAN] (Alicia McKenzie)
Logan is captured by some mysterious people who want information from him.   What follows is a struggle; first to escape -- with which he has a little help  -- and then to remember. 

Next Time I'm Going to Hawaii! [LOGAN] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
Logan's been through many a trial in his day... but can he survive this one? Or will the screaming, crying stinking burden get the best of him?

Night Falls on the Mountain   [LOGAN, Logan, Creed] (Amanda Sichter)
Logan goes after Creed, bringing about a battle that changes everything.

No-one Said It Would Be Easy [LOGAN, Logan, Jean Grey] (Latex)
After Scott's death, Logan spends pays Jean a visit... no matter what Warren has to say about it.


Out Hunting [LOGAN] (QuilleCougrr)
Feeling frustrated, Logan goes hunting ... and not in the woods. [LOGAN] Contains m/f sex.)


Past Reckonings [LOGAN] (Kieri)
[1] [2] (in progress...)
Here's an intriguing story that spins a tale about a world where there are no mutants, and Logan is merely a man... but a man who just so happens to be tough as hell.

Postscript [LOGAN] (Lady Kate)
A sequel to queenB's Return to Sender, Logan faces Archangel to deliver some bad news... and finds something he never expected.


Reaper's Oblivion: Logan's Fate  [CYKE; LOGAN, Logan/Scott] (Shera Crawler
([R) Logan faces an illness he can't fight, and Scott is there to support him. 

Remembered Nightmares, Forgotten Dreams [LOGAN] (Philip Hunn)
Before he was Wolverine, the man called Jim Logan faceed a problem that couldn't be solved with claws and a healing factor: how to help the survivors of a Nazi concentration camp.

Return to Sender [LOGAN, Betsy Braddock, Logan] (queenB)
After the Psi-Wars, Betsy decides to start her life over and Logan is there to see her on her way.

The Road Not Taken [LOGAN] (Hetros)
(PG) An X-Man reflects on the unique emotional challenges of their life.


Second Strings  [LOGAN, Jubilee] (Dyce)
Logan's probably the most important person in Jubilee's life.  Does he feel the same for her?

See No Evil [1] [2] [3] [CYKE; LOGAN; X-MEN, AU] (Lise)
A detective 'alternate reality' story set in the background of a mutant rights bill, conspiracy and murder.

Seeing Red [CYKE; LOGAN] (Kaylee)
After the Psi-Wars Jean is left without her telepathy, and she turns to Logan for comfort... as Scott overhears.
Shades of Red  [CYKE; LOGAN] (Kaylee)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (in progress...)
Follows the events in Seeing Red.   This story covers what happens in Scott's life after leaving the team, as well as the repercussions on the X-Men, as individuals and as a team.

Shattered [LOGAN] (Carmen Williams)
Set during the Shattering Arc, the Skrull who believes himself to be Wolverine reflects on Professor Xavier's treatment of him.

Shivers of Rage [LOGAN, Victor Creed] (Shera Crawler)
Take a look at Logan through the eyes of one who loved him...once.

Sifting  [LOGAN] (Falstaff)
His memories have been jumbled beyond repair.  Take a walk through Logan's mind as he tries to trace his past.

Skull and X-Bones  [LOGAN] (Abyss)
In an alternate reality, Logan is a pirate who still manages to be undeniably Logan.   Swashbuckling adventure meets real issues against the backdrop of this fascinating world.

Sorrow, or, the Transience of Memory  [LOGAN, Jean Grey] (Amanda Sichter)
Scott dies because of a slip-up in battle, and Logan recounts the subsequent actions of a grief-stricken Jean.

Subreality Hopscotch [MISCELLANEOUS; LOGAN, Subreality] (Kielle
Logan takes a tumble through the world of fanfics. This is the first-ever Subreality fanfic.

The Sun Hasn't Risen [CYKE; LOGAN] (Mitai)
After an attack on the Xavier Institute, Cyclops and Logan say good-bye to a special friend.

The Spirit and the Setting Free  [CYKE; LOGAN] (Amanda Sichter)
Towards the end, Logan and Scott share a moment. (Tear-jerker warning.)


Tagging Along With Wolvie [LOGAN, Jubilee, Logan] (Allykat)
Jubilee finally convinces Logan to take her with him on his scoot and figures out what a "typical" night on the town is like for her friend.

Teddy, He Ain't  [LOGAN] (Em-Spider)
A look at the possible events that sent a young Logan on the road to becoming Wolverine.

Territory  [LOGAN] (Dyce)
A unique predator watches a battle between two very familiar man-beasts.

Thoughts and Dreams [LOGAN] (Ro
Logan reflects on the women in his life, and the possibilities, or lack thereof, for a relationship with any.

Tiny Shattered Dreams [LOGAN] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
In another time, join Jim Logan and his rogue partner as they they hit the streets and Logan is, as ever, the best at what he does.

Tooth & Claw [LOGAN, Logan, Victor Creed] (Kaylee)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (in progress...)
We've seen hints of it in the books...now let's take a closer look at the possibilities for Logan and Creed's early history.

The Twist Inside [LOGAN, Logan, Jubilee] (Allykat)
[1] [2]
Jubilee is growing up and both she and Logan must confront the changes in their relationship.


Undercloak [LOGAN; X-MEN, Betsy Braddock] (queenB)
In a different telling of the Crimson Dawn arc, Psylocke must confront the debt that is owed to Tar. Though Logan and Warren do their best to share the burden, she knows it is hers alone.




Waiting for Jeannie [LOGAN; CYKE, Jean] (Dannell Lites
[1] [2] [3]
This one'll tug at your heartstrings as it shows the strength of Logan's feelings for Jean, and the strength of the man himself.

War Crimes [LOGAN; X-MEN, Logan, Remy, Scott, X-Men] (Morgan Lewis
[1-6] [7-9] [10-12] [13-15] [16-18] [19-20]
In a story that spans decades, a piece of Logan's past catches up to him, and it's not too fond of him, either.

The Warriors' Code [LOGAN; CYKE, Scott Summers, Logan] (L. Burke)
Scott confronts Logan about his relationship with Jean.

When They Tell You To Stop And Smell The Roses [LOGAN; MISC, Logan, Superman] (Ana Lyssie Cotton)
(G) An unusual pair of heroes stop to appreciate the simple beauty of nature.

The Wicked Wolverine [LOGAN] (Alestar)
An allegory that follows a Native American myth of the Wolverine, this story defies summary. Just read it, you won't be sorry. Trust me. :-)

With a Whimper [LOGAN; DAYSPRING; X-MEN, Logan, Storm, Emma, Domino] (Cherry Ice)
The end of the world, and a diner. That about wraps it all up.

Wolverfilk [LOGAN] (Dark Mark)
A hilarious filk poking fun at the killing machine fanboy dream known as Wolverine.

Wolverine's Rant [LOGAN] (Dark Mark)
This Canuck has a few things to get off his chest. More wonderful Dark Mark brand humor. :-)

The World Is Hollow [LOGAN; CYKE; X-MEN, Scott, Logan, Remy] (V. Hayrabedian)
After tragedy strikes and a member of the team dies, Logan helps Scott comes to terms with his role as team leader and friend.




Zero Plus One [LOGAN, Bobby, Logan] (Azurine)
Ultimate X-Men. After the Weapon X arc, Wolverine forges an unlikely friendship with the team's youngest member that helps both of them to heal.

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